Thursday, February 9, 2012

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

Just a quick post today. We're off to do something (probably more ice fishing) shortly, but I wanted to share these shots I took of the rising moon last night. If Facebook threads are any indicator, it seems to have been an especially beautiful full moon this month. The Ojibwe gave the February moon many names, but my favorite is "Makoonsag-gaa-nitaawaadi-giizis -When the Bear Cubs are Born Moon." Indeed, over in Ely,  Jewel the Bear, who's observed by the North American Bear Center, recently gave birth to two cubs: a boy and a girl. 

I noticed a couple things when I was out on the deck last night, trying to set up the camera tripod. Venus is twinkling brightly in the west. The constellation of Leo is starting to pop up in the south and Orion is moving to the west. Spring is truly on its way!

Obviously, I need to work on my night photography skills (and maybe invest in something beyond a point and shoot camera) but it was fun experiment and I'm pleased with the first time results.

Happy Stargazing!


  1. The moon was beautiful! Unfortunately, we don't see the amount of stars you see up there.

  2. You are a winter fairy and even better a moon fairy. These pictures are awesome. I loved to hear about Makoonsag-gaa-nitaawaadi-giizis!

  3. wow- great shots! Your full moon experience is very different from my city one, I like seeing the different ways it can look!

  4. Gorgeous. Somehow you always make me want to be right where y'all are. In peace, seclusion, and paradise.

  5. Wow, what a moon! The moon for us looked like a cheshire cat grin a couple of weeks ago, coolest moon I've ever seen! Have fun ice fishing!

  6. Ada, your photos are beautiful, and I loved learning about the Ojibwe name for the February moon!

    Good luck with your ice fishing adventure!


  7. Fantastic photos---- I wish our moon view wasn't obstructed my all the city lights!

  8. Hi Ada! Great pictures! I'm following you back from the hop! Have a great week!



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