Friday, February 24, 2012

Gettin' Crafty for St. Paddy's

Maybe it's all this talk of an upcoming trip to Ireland. (And yes, by upcoming, I mean 2013). Maybe I'm just ready for spring. Whatever the reason, I'm feeling it's high time to swap out my felted hearts for some St. Paddy's Day appropriate decorations.

Over the years, I've amassed quite a few St. Paddy's Day decorations, thanks to friends, family and having spent a semester living in Ireland. I have a beautiful tablecloth embroidered with shamrocks, a figurine of Irish snowmen, and a collection of St. Paddy's Day kitsch, which includes a set of super classy plastic shot glasses. But that's not enough for this Irish gal and so I have a few plans for adding to the collection this year.

Despite having an ever growing collection of houseplants, one houseplant I don't have is a shamrock. I know, right! Actually, back in college, a friend gave me a shamrock for my birthday. Cleverly referred to as "Sam the Sham," the poor little shamrock had a lifespan of about four months before dying of neglect. Hey, it was college and I was easily distracted. It's a sad story, but I'm ready to do better by Sam the Sham II. Time for a live shamrock to be a permanent Irish inspired decoration in the cabin. 

I found these little knit shamrocks on Ravelry last spring. They're made using little bits of sock yarn and I have all sorts of green sock yarn I'm looking to use up. I probably won't "bejewel" my shamrock, but I might knit up enough so that I can make a St. Paddy's Day garland with them.

I found this adorable embroidered Irish gal when I was wasting time on browsing on Pinterest the other day. I think she is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen and she definitely needs a place in the cabin this St. Paddy's Day. I've been doing a lot of embroidery this winter, finishing up a tablecloth I started last winter, so my embroidery chops are all warmed up this project. I just need some supplies - a hoop, muslin, and transfer pencil - and I'm totally making this sweet little Irish lass. 

By the way, if you're looking for some simple and effortless St. Paddy's Day decorations, Katherine over at Irish Italian Blessings has some super cute (and free!) St. Patrick's Day printables. Remember, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. ;)

Are you preparing for the wearing o' the green yet?



  1. That embroidered girl is very sweet! That would make a great yearly St. Paddy's decoration!

  2. I love the idea of a shamrock plant. I don't think I have ever had one of those.. Thanks for the idea I will have to look for one :)

  3. All the shamrocks and Irish lads and lasses are really fun, I agree. Leprechauns and rainbows.... I love that embroidery piece!

  4. my next craft is this spring wreath/ nest thing I got the supplies for today. I'm not sure if I'll manage to make st. patty's day crafts but I do like green so I'll give it a shot!

  5. Love it all. Especially the little knit shamrocks. I'm so jealous that you've been to Ireland and are going back! The hubby and I want to plan a trip but can never quite get it in the works. I'm Irish through and through so a visit would be a dream come true. Plus, I'd love to connect with family there. Now I'm looking forward to your 2013 trip, too...take lots of pictures!! Oh, and good luck with Sam the Sham II!

  6. If Sam the Sham II seems like it is starting to die, it may just be going dormant. I thought my first shamrock died, and I, like I usually do, recycled the soil to use for other plants. It wasn't long before I had shamrocks growing like weeds in my other plants! I then found out they sometimes go dormant, but they can come back to life from the corms.

    Nice post!
    I'm visiting on the Not Mommy Blog Hop - a little late but better late than never!

  7. That embroidery is so sweet! How could you not fall in love with that little Irish lass? ;)

  8. Visiting from Exposure 99% weekday hop.

  9. Those knitted shamrocks are lovely!! My mother made me some crocheted shamrocks and leprechauns last year. Very cute:)

  10. I love the embroidery of the girl tossing out the shamrocks! I will have to go right over to Pinterest and find it! We need a little more green in our lives with more of that winter white snow on the way!



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