Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Zucchini

Last week, I pulled the last loaf of chocolate zucchini bread out of the freezer. It was kind of a bittersweet (or should I say, semisweet) moment.  But something tells me our zucchini bread days of the year are anything but behind us.

Yes, that is a zucchini the size of my forearm.

I know, I know. I said I was going to pull up the zucchini last week. But I didn't get around to it and now I'm paying for my negligence with many, many loaves of chocolate zucchini.

And I thought that cuke was big . . . 


  1. WOW. That is huge! I am quite impressed.

  2. They just keep coming! Our plants finally got hit by the frost, so I can take a break from squash for this year.

  3. I have a zucchini that large in the back of my fridge mocking me "You can't cook all of me, silly". Chocolate zucchini bread sounds like a good idea for at least part of it.

  4. Goodness gracious you must have the GREENEST THUMB ever! That thing is huge

  5. Mmm....zucchini chocolate bread! Makes me wish I had planted zucchini this year. How many loaves do you think you'll get outta that bad boy?


  6. holy crap! Haha, i saw a picture today of a girl swinging a zucchini like a baseball bat, try that!

  7. WOW that is totally huge! Zucchini bread sounds devine though!



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