Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: How Does Your Garden Grow?

No silver bells or cockle shells to be seen, but the little gardens have been growing, growing, growing since their move out to their permanent summer homes.

Onions in the foreground, then cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, and various squash plants
Zucchini with sunflowers in the background

Tomato blossoms

Tomato Escalade is turning into a jungle!
Happy Wednesday and happy growing!


  1. Love tomato row! Our tomatoes are looking really, really sad. Yours appear much happier :)

  2. Great Garden Ada! WOW, it's going to be great for your summer eating :) Did you ever find out what the mystery plant you have is?

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. I can just picture those tomato plants covered with lovely red tomatoes in a few weeks. :)

  4. Your tomatoes look awesome. Mine are still pretty small.

  5. ahhhhh!!!! It is looking so good! be sure to keep us updated!

  6. Beautiful Ada. Will you enjoy it all the more, for me? ;D I seem to have a black thumb, and must live vicariously through amazing people like you! Although I should give myself (or a miracle of God) credit for keeping my bamboo plant alive... But doesn't it take a lot of work to kill one of those? Heh, heh. Oh well.

  7. Wow, things are coming along nicely! We were able to harvest our first squash and zucchini earlier this week, very exciting!

  8. I can't WAIT to have a house so I can have a garden. We tried a potted garden on our balcony, but it just didn't work out so well. It made me really sad.



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